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To Biden: You need a Nurse on Your Covid-19 Task Force

Updated: Nov 23, 2020

Where is the equality when the very group of healthcare professionals who spend the most time with patients has been completely left on the Biden-Harris COVID-19 Taskforce?

WATCH: List of who is on the Biden-Harris COVID-19 Advisory Board?

You need a nurse for the very reason, that nurses spend the most time with patients compared to any other healthcare professional. We are experts at providing care, making assessments, noticing those subtle changes that occur, advocating for the best for patients, the ones who implement orders, educate patients and hold the hands of their patients to encourage them or when they may be taking their last breath. The intimate knowledge nurses have in caring for patients should not be overlooked and the value it will add to the task force.

It's really a major disappointment that the Biden team has failed to acknowledge the vital need for a nurse on the Covid-19 taskforce. When will we be recognized as a valuable asset and get an equal seat at the table of major taskforces? In the list of renowned doctors, there are many that

Nurses have taken on key roles in healthcare which you will find nurses in many leadership positions, on other taskforce initiatives such as anti-microbial stewardships, public health leaders, policy advocates, and as front line workers speaking out advocating for patients and pushing for changes in policies and laws.

Another reminder is that many nurses hold doctoral degrees and although may not be medical doctors they have doctoral degrees and able to add valuable insight and expertise in how nursing contributes.

So if we are all equal then where is the nurse's seat in the Biden-Harris Covid19 Task Force?

Sign the Petition

Theresa Brown, RN, PhD, developed an online petition urging Biden to include a nurse on the COVID-19 task force, Sign it today!!

Letters from Nursing Organizations to Biden

Emergency Nurses Association

American Association of Nurse Anesthetists

#NurseOnTaskForce, #Covid-19 #ENA

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