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New Maternal-Child Nursing Text Book Publication

For the last 2.5 years, I have had the privilege of writing the 3rd edition of the FA Davis Advantage Maternal-Child Nursing Care textbook. This textbook really focused on updating content and presenting vital knowledge to today's nursing students Today's nursing students are often struggling with heavy school and outside work/life workloads. Much of these updates in the text use bulleted text, flow charts, graphs, and tables are used in a visually attractive design to make it easy for students to understand.

One of the best parts of the book was updating information on socially relevant topics and addressing a need for more inclusiveness. To do this I engaged many fellow colleagues and friends to help to improve pictures that represent more diversity so that today's students can see pictures of women and families that may look or represent them. For this I'm grateful, as we try to build a more inclusive community, we need to think about how we can do this everywhere and this was definitely a way to include more inclusivity.

To help celebrate this accomplishment of the book being finished and published we did have an amazing book signing celebration. It was really great to share my textbook with those I work with, which too can be used as a reference, although the target audience is nursing students, many academics and other need textbooks as reference books and I was happy to present my colleagues with a signed copy of the book.

As part of this publication, I also wrote the women's health companion which will be coming out soon, and will keep everyone posted!

Below is a link to the book where you can have a peak inside and order!

For more information please reach out to us:

Dr. Meredith Scannell

Sole Owner and Founder of the Boston Nursing Institute

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