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National Association of Hispanic Nurses 2021 Conference

About our study

About 3 years ago my colleague Dr. Reynolds and I combined research interests and came up with a research project to examine a problem with patient education materials and health literacy. This came about from previous research I conducted that found on 25% of sexually assaulted patients will complete their HIV post-exposure prophylaxis medications and another study that showed those with low educational attainment are less likely to complete these medications as well. Completing these medications actually becomes critical as the only means to prevent HIV.

When Covid happened and many lockdowns and stay-at-home orders were enacted the Boston Nursing Institute was able to be able to continue our mentorship program and have students work remotely and this was one research project they were able to continue with during the pandemic. The research project examined publically available HIV patient education materials and determined the health literacy level of these documents. Findings did show a large range of health literacy levels. We were delighted to go to Puerto Rico and disseminate and present our findings at the National Association of Hispanic Nurses

Presenting at the National Association of Hispanic Nurses
Presenters Dr. Reynoldsand Dr. Scannell


Keynote Speaker: Dr. Ekta Srinivasa

We had the amazing opportunity to meet and attend the Key Note Speaker Ekta Srinivasa, Phd, RN who presented the topic "Healthcare Culture and its Implications for Minority Nurses." Her work is amazing and really highlights the issues facing many of our colleagues. She also started an organization Improving Health Culture, Inc and I highly recommend her to anyone who needs help navigating the healthcare system especially if you are being marginalized or experiencing issues related to your race or ethnicity.

Helping to Organize Backpacks

One fun activity we did was helping to organize the backpack to be donated to school children in Puerto Rico. There were hundreds of backpacks donated and supplies and we were all more than happy to give a hand in picking them.


Highlights of the Puerto Rico Trip, Mixing Business and Pleasure

Marmalade Restaurant

One of the best highlights of our trip was celebrating our accomplishments at the amazing restaurant Marmalade. Celebrating one's accomplishments is essential as it recognizes the hard work that was done as well as helps to promote a positive vibe surrounding the often hard and difficult topic of the work that I do around victims of sexual assault and violence against women. What a wonderful night and celebration!


We also got to spend some time visiting the town and learning more about the historical culture and treasures of Puerto Rico.

What's Next...

Look for this research project to be published soon in the International Journal of Emergency Nursing. We here at the Boston Nursing Institute really enjoy having students especially when we can align our research and students' objectives and goals. Our 2 students that worked on this project will also be authors of the publications. Contact us or follow us to keep updated on our work.

For more information please reach out to us:

Dr. Meredith Scannell

Owner and Founder of the Boston Nursing Institute

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