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Moral Injury and Healthcare Wokers

One of our lead expert faculty members Dr. Scannell was recently featured in the Emergency Nurses Association Connect publication. She is embarking on a meaningful study to understand better the impact of working during the COVID-19 Pandemic has taken on nurses.

One of the newer areas being researched is that of Moral Injury. Moral injury occurs when one witnesses or has to act in conflict with their moral beliefs or when being betrayed by those in leadership positions. Stressors and other work-related experiences that healthcare workers faced during the COVID-19 pandemic, such as a lack of adequate personal protection devices and changes in how healthcare was provided and have a negative impact leading to moral injury. Moral injury may have a detrimental impact on one's mental wellbeing and impair one's ability to work.

This groundbreaking research can really help to understand this concept and how healthcare workers have been impacted. Stay tuned, more is to come from the work and research being done.

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