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Health Literacy and Victims of Sexual Assault

A few months ago we presented our research at the National Association of Hispanic Nurses annual conference in Puerto Rico. We are happy to announce that our work was recently published in the International Journal of Emergency Nursing. "Readability and health literacy level of post-exposure prophylaxis patient education materials offered after sexual assault"

This work really illustrates a genuine problem in a lot of patient education material which are often difficult to read and understand for the general public. Recommendations from leading healthcare organizations around the globe recommend patient education material be at a level of the 6th grade or lower so that patients can understand the content. We found that most patient education materials that week looked at far exceeded this threshold and some were even at the college level. As healthcare providers, we should be mindful of the material we give to patients. Many patients may not be compliant with certain medications or treatments all based on an inability to understand instructions. Doing this research we learned some key items that can improve the health literacy of patient education materials which include adding pictures to education materials or a chart so that patients can have a better understanding

The Journal of Emergency Nursing is allowing free access to this article for this month. Click the link below to read all about our work!!

For more information please reach out to us:

Dr. Meredith Scannell

Owner and Founder of the Boston Nursing Institute

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