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Factors impacting HIV PEP Adherence

In Dr. Scannell's latest research published in the Journal of Forensic Nursing shed light on some factors that can impact HIV PEP adherence. The research took place the 2 academic teaching hospitals in Boston, MA. Data were collected over a 5-year period. The study looked at female victims of sexual assault who presented for care and were prescribed HIV post-exposure medication, over 30 variables were examined to see if there was any relationship or association with adherence to these medications which is the only method in preventing HIV in someone who had a sexual assault.


HIV PEP is antiviral mediations that have been shown to prevent the acquisition of HIV in someone who has been exposed. The medication is very time sensitive and works best if it is taken right away after the exposure. In addition, the medications need to be taken for 28 days without missing any doses or the medications will not work as well. In sexual assault patients, around 25% will complete these medications leaving many at risk of acquiring HIV. Having an understanding of who does and does not complete the medications can help healthcare providers develop better support systems for those at risk of not completing them.

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