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20 Years of Afghan Women Strong….Now What?

Updated: Sep 14, 2021

Last month was a difficult time to see what was happening in Afghanistan. What is so difficult is the road ahead that many women, children,

and families will face under the new Taliban regimen. In many places, there are already atrocities that are occurring in parts of Afghanistan.

Many women will be facing violence and prosecution for how they were living their lives these last 20 years, there will also be women who will speak out and stand up for their rights and they too will face prosecution, and there are many women that will have to go into hiding and face additional hardship just trying to survive while trying to be unnoticed in their own country.

Another less talked about atrocity is child marriage. Child Marriage is a dangerous practice in which a young girl under the age of 18 gets married to someone often much older. This practice that occurs is detrimental to the health and development of children, specifically girls. This past year with the Covid-19 pandemic surging around the world many children and families are

faced with many difficult decisions which can result in young girls being forced to marry and then carry on the responsibilities of an adult woman including childbearing and rearing duties. If women are to lose their rights, soon many girls will face a terrible outcome. Child marriage is just one of many atrocities that can and will occur.

To help support women and children in Afghanistan this month the Boston Nursing Institute has chosen the organization Women for Afghanistan Women Organization (WAW) to donate to.

WAW was based in Afghanistan, doing work to support women, but much of the organization has fundamentally changed with many employees fleeing the country and not being able to continue this essential work.

I encourage you to support them monetarily or you can go to their list of resources on other ways to support them: Resources to Help Afghan Refugees.

Visit us to learn more on the work we do

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