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Patient Advocacy

Boston Nursing Institute offers personalized, expert patient advocacy for those that need help understanding health diagnoses, treatment options and even navigating the healthcare system.


Our healthcare team is highly qualified with specialty training and education to assist as liaisons and to help prepare patients to handle situations including ethical dilemmas, complex medical cases, and seeking second opinions.

Being a cancer survivor herself, Dr. Ruggiero understands firsthand such life-changing processes from the patient's perspective and as a medical professional, she works to help navigate patients through difficult and challenging times.  Dr. Ruggiero also does some pro bono work as a Patient Advocate.  Please email for further details.


Some general advocacy roles include:

  • Assessing healthcare needs before, during and after hospital admissions.

  • Educating patients about diagnoses and referring to specialists.

  • Helping to process medical information and identifying possible gaps or areas that need further exploration.

  • Assisting in developing personal medical records to ensure accurate information.

  • Advocating and educating on treatments, procedures or tests that are appropriate for patient care/diagnoses.

  • Helping to educate and inform the patient on various community resources as needed.

  • Providing health and wellness coaching and optimal patient education.



We generally price our services on a per hour basis and we offer a free phone consultation to determine if our experts can assist you in your unique healthcare needs to bring you peace of mind. Let us be your advocate in all of yours and your loved ones' needs.

Read Kristine's personal story of her cancer journey:



The Boston Nursing Institute is an independent organization to assist you in making healthcare decisions. The Boston Nursing Institute does not make health care decisions only recommendations on healthcare options.


The Boston Nursing Institute does not provide actual nursing hands-on care, this is consultation service and all hands-on care is through the healthcare institution.

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