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Partner with experienced legal nurse consultants

The Boston Nursing institute is your firm's partner in litigation, providing Medical Record Narratives/Summaries, Medical Chronologies, Literature Search, Deposition Narratives/Summaries, Page-Line Summaries and Deposition Chronologies.

​At Boston, Nursing Institute specializes in the comprehensive reviews of cases that involve medical/surgical, emergency, intensive care,  trauma, oncology, obstetrics, newborn, and other aspects of health care.  We provide expert witness services for both consulting and testimony. Comprehensive forensic analysis of cases for attorneys to challenge or accredit the state's assertions. We provide chronologies of events, summaries that concentrate on the case's strengths and weaknesses, merit screens, research tables, the reasonableness of charges, and projections of the cost of medical care. And plausibility of allegations.

Our nurse experts present work in formats that are easy to understand and retrieve, including narrative summaries, and chronologies and our services are not only cost-effective but allow attorneys to concentrate on the legal issues of the case. We handle all types of litigation from individual cases to multi-claimant cases. Our nurse experts have experience with testifying as fact witnesses and expert witnesses giving their expert healthcare opinion.

Areas of expertise:

  • Strangulation

  • Domestic Violence

  • Sexual assault

  • Human trafficking

  • Women's Health

  • Obstetrics

  • Post-partum

  • New-born

  • Oncology

  • Trauma

  • Medical/Surgial

  • Research

Areas Given Testimony:

Federal Court

Suffolk County Court

Middlesex Court

Grand Jury

College Tribunals

Contact us Today:

Meredith Scannell


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