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Partner with experienced legal nurse consultants

The Boston Nursing institute is your firm's partner in litigation providing Medical Record Narratives/Summaries, Medical Chronologies, Literature Search, Deposition Narratives/Summaries, Page-Line Summaries and Deposition Chronologies.

​Our medical review team at Boston Nursing Institute specializes in the comprehensive management of medical malpractice cases as well as other medical litigation cases. Our team consists of a network of nurses from multi-faceted clinical backgrounds and litigation experiences.  This branch of BNI was created from our extensive experience in the field of legal nurse expert case reviewers. Our services as nurse experts in various areas of nursing, in particular in the nursing care of women and children have been highly sought after.  We review medical records and medical literature, as well as discovery responses and documents.

Our nurse experts present work in formats that are easy to understand and retrieve, including narrative summaries, chronologies and our services are not only cost-effective, but allow attorneys to concentrate on the legal issues of the case. We handle all types of litigation from individual cases to multi-claimant cases. Our nurse experts have experience with testifying as fact witnesses and expert witness giving their expert healthcare opinion.

Areas of expertise:

  • Pediatrics

  • Women's Health 

  • Midwifery

  • Forensics

  • Emergency

  • Oncology

  • Research

  • Advance Nurse Practice