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   Writing Consultation

At Boston Nursing Institute we offer writing consultation to help you at any level of your writing. Our services include a wide range of tools to best aid in publication development, school work, thesis projects, dissertations and even doctoral projects. Whether editing, offering suggestions, or bringing you through the steps of publication, we are here for your writing needs!

Listed are some highlighted of publications from our faculty, who's publications range from books, peer reviewed journal manuscripts, textbooks, and more.

We are happy to help you on your writing journey.

Comprehensive Writing Services


  • Free Consultations 

  • Literature Reviews and topic search help

  • Thesis Coaching

  • Methodology

  • Study design for MSN, DNP and Ph.D. nursing students

  • Structure help with publications

  • General editing

Publications from our Faculty

Our nurse experts have numerous publications on a variety of topics. Below you will find some of the published works as well as some links to sample writings and publications.


Scannell, M. J. (2020). Fast Facts About Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs): A Nurse’s Guide to Expert Patient Care. Springer Publishing Company.

Scannell, M., & Conso, J. (2020). Using sexual assault training to improve human trafficking education. The Peer-Reviewed Journal of Clinical Excellence Nursing2020, 50(5), 15-17.  (for full-text click this link)


Scannell, M. J. (2019). Online dating and the risk of sexual assault to college students. Building Healthy Academic Communities Journal, 3(1), 34-43. (for full-text click this link)

Scannell, M., & Puka-Beals, E. (2019). A guide to newborn assessment. Nursing made Incredibly Easy, 17(4), 26-33.


Scannell, M., MacDonald, A. E., Berger, A., & Boyer, N. (2018). Human trafficking: How nurses can make a difference. Journal of Forensic Nursing, 14(2), 117-121.

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